Nissan is partnering with EVgo, the nation's largest and most reliable public EV Fast Charging Network[1], to launch a new Nissan LEAF charging program. Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo® will provide eligible customers who purchase or lease a new LEAF or LEAF PLUS (MY 2018 or later) with $250 of pre-paid charging credits to use within the EVgo charging network and roaming partner charging networks.

Key Elements:

·       Beginning November 1, 2019, customers who purchase or lease a new LEAF or LEAF PLUS, from a participating dealer located in the 66 eligible U.S. markets, can take advantage of Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo®

·       Eligible customers will receive $250 of pre-paid charging credits with EVgo. On average, this credit is worth up to 30 fast charging sessions[2]

·       Credits expire one year from purchase or lease date (non-transferrable)

How do new LEAF customers sign-up?

Customers who have purchased or leased a new LEAF will receive an activation email from EVgo within the first 30 days of their vehicle purchase, giving instructions on how to enroll into the program. Once enrolled with an EVgo account, the eligible customer will receive a pre-paid credit balance of $250 that can be used at any participating charging station. Customers will have access through the EVgo app and website.

Can customers use their pre-paid $250 of charging credits at any EV charging station?

Customers will be able to use any EVgo charger and roaming partner chargers throughout the country.[3] At launch, customers will have access to more than 1,500 fast chargers[4] and more than 29,000 Level 2 chargers [5] through EVgo app and website[6]. This includes EVgo chargers and those accessible through interoperability roaming agreements. Additional chargers will be added as new interoperability partners are added.

[1]  Largest by total DCFC, CHAdeMO and dual-standard chargers, as well as total number of sites. U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, "Fact of the Week #1052", October 22, 2018, Alternative Fuels Data Center, Department of Energy, and EVgo internal data. Reliability of 98% uptime rate and EVgo internal research.

[1] Based on the average fast charging session length of 30 minutes customer will receive up to 30 sessions in all EVgo markets (more in some areas).  Number of charging sessions obtainable with the $250 credit will vary based on length of sessions and actual rates in the market. See EVgo rates by market here Rates and fees will vary on non-EVgo chargers accessible through the EVgo app.

[1] At launch, ChargePoint stations will be fully integrated and accessible to customers. Additional partners will be coming on-line soon after launch, expanding the options available to customers.

[1] Includes CHAdeMO-fast chargers for both the EVgo (more than 1,200) and ChargePoint (more than 350) networks in the US.

[1] Includes more than 1,500 EVgo Level 2 chargers and more than 29,000 ChargePoint Level 2 chargers.

[1] Alternative Fuels Data Center, Department of Energy,